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Daily Self-Portrait Projects

I have been taking self-portraits as my primary form of artistic expression since 2006, when in August of that year I began the challenge of taking a self-portrait every day for one full year. I succeeded and had so many ideas left to explore, I kept going for a second year until August 2008. Between 2008-2012 I did a few weekly projects, a daily anything photo project, and continued my work in abandoned buildings.

In January 2012 I embarked on another year-long daily SP challenge, with a personal goal to get out of my comfort zone (for me it was getting over the fear taking self-portraits outside where people were around). After successfully completing a full year, I went into 2013 with the challenge of staying to a theme. I did a new theme for 2014 and my third themed set in 2015.  In 2016 came my 4th theme, my 7th 365 project, with a focus on feminism. Finally, in 2017 I did one more year, my 5th theme (8th 365 set), with the them being Iconography. (the Flickr sets for all of these are hyper-linked in the text). I took a year off in 2018 and started again in 2019, continuing into 2020

This gallery contains a sampling since 2012. 

1/365 Sarah R. Bloom 365 Days : Daily Self Portrait Project
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